keto form

/ˈkitoʊ fɔm/ (say 'keetoh fawm)

(in a keto-enol tautomeric substance) the form with the characteristics of a ketone.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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  • Keto-enol tautomerism — In organic chemistry, keto enol tautomerism refers to a chemical equilibrium between a keto form (a ketone or an aldehyde) and an enol. The enol and keto forms are said to be tautomers of each other. The interconversion of the two forms involves… …   Wikipedia

  • Keto-Enol-Tautomerie — Die Tautomerie (von gr. tautó = das Gleiche; gr. meros = der Anteil) bezeichnet in der Chemie eine besondere Form der Isomerie. Sie wurde 1876 von Alexander Michailowitsch Butlerow (1828–1886) entdeckt und 1885 von Conrad Peter Laar als Begriff… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • keto-enol tautomerism — tautomerism between two compounds, one an enol and the other a ketone, that equilibrate by transfer of a proton. The keto form usually predominates except where the enol form is stabilized by conjugation with other double bonds …   Medical dictionary

  • keto-enol tautomerism — /ˌkitoʊ ˌinɒl tɔˈtɒmərɪzəm/ (say .keetoh .eenol taw tomuhrizuhm) noun a type of tautomerism involving migration of a proton, in which, at any instant, the individual molecules are present in the mixture as either a keto form or an enol …   Australian English dictionary

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  • keto- — ke|to [↑ Keton] zur Kennzeichnung der offenkettigen Form von ↑ Ketosen (im Ggs. zur cycl. Halbketalform) dienendes, kursiv gesetztes Strukturpräfix, z. B. keto D Fructose …   Universal-Lexikon

  • keto- — combining form see ket …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • keto- — a combining form representing ketone in compound words: ketolysis. Also, esp. before a vowel, ket . * * * …   Universalium

  • keto- — Combining form denoting a compound containing a ketone group; replaced by oxo in systematic nomenclature. [Ger.] …   Medical dictionary

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